Some other interesting aircraft
Geoffrey Higges was associated with

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Avro Anson - one ride!
Vickers Wellington - one ride!
Avro York - one ride!
Immediate colleagues in the Engine Flight Test Department at Filton, Bristol, were involved in the development of the Britannia.
Many rides to friends were given in light aircraft like this.
In June 2000, Geoffrey and Carole were thrilled to be passengers in the Concorde flying at Mach 2 from London to New York, especially as Geoffrey was involved in the development of the original Olympus engines at Bristol (and especially as the Concorde has now finally stopped flying). Not only was the Concorde the fastest commercial aircraft it was one of the safest aircraft ever to fly and one of the longest in service.

Below - the Robinson 22 helicopter piloted by Geoffrey for 1.8 hours from Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne in 2004 (under the direction of an instructor!)