a Buddhist country

Paro (site of the country's only international airport) - 65 kms west of Thimphu

The setting of Paro

Looking to the left of the first image are rice fields and far left the airport;
in the right foreground is the Paro Dzong (see further below)

Above and below: a plane taking off from the airport


Above and below: the streets of Paro






Most houses have decorated windows, but not all houses are in good shape

The bridge across the river leading to the Paro Dzong

Paro Dzong (Rinpung Dzong)

Ta Dzong
Just above the Paro Dzong is Ta Dzong, originally the watch tower for the Paro Dzong,
now a National Museum of Bhutanese culture and artefacts

Closer views of the Paro Dzong , now the administrative centre of the district



Steps lead up to the entrance to the museum (Ta Dzong/watchtower) - no photos allowed inside!

Details of Paro Dzong - and below






People around Paro



Views around Paro




View from Chelela Pass (highest road pass in Bhutan at 3980 m)

Prayer flags catch the strong winds on the pass


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