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Flinders Ranges

Wilpena Pound - general views of the area


Wilpena Pound, looking "north" (actually NNW)

Southern end of "east" side

South east corner - Rawnsley's Bluff - and below



Looking NWN across the "south" side through the Pound - seeing "west" side and "north" side

Looking NW along the "west" side - Lake Torrens on the horizon

Looking far WNW from the Pound we can make out Lake Torrens (no water, only salt)

Looking to the NE across the Pound from the west - St Mary's Peak (highest point) on the far side

Close up from above the west side

On the Morolana Scenic Drive - more views of the west side - southern half above - northern half below



Looking west across the north west corner to the Elder Range in the distance

North east corner

Beginning of the Heysen Range (bottom left hand corner), the northern half of Wilpena Pound, and Elder Range in the distance

Looking NE from the Pound we see the Heysen Range

The Heysen Range on the left, and the ABC Range on the right

Another view of the Heysen Range - and below in the evening


Northern part of the east side of the Pound

Further south on the east side of the Pound, St Mary's Peak on the left

Close up of St. Mary's Peak - and below


Another view of The northern half of the east side with St Mary's Peak - from Huck's Look Out

Looking across the Pound E to W - Wilpena Gap in the left foreground - Elder Range in the background


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