Living AUSTRALIA - South Australia

Flinders Ranges

Wilpena Pound - a walk through the Gap


View of the "Gap" through the east side of the Pound, with the Wilpena tourist village in the middle foreground

The creek running through the gap with its typical river red gums

A permanent spring in the Gap - and below


This sculpture indicates the Gap and its features have a special significance for Aboriginal people

Once through the gap we are climbing to get a view of the mountains in the Pound

On the path back we are confronted by two of the many feral goats throughout the Flinders Ranges
Seed pods on trees

Ring-necked parrots usually forage on the ground - as do the Western Grey Kangaroos found in the Gap (further below)



Western Grey Kangaroos in Wilpena Gap








Just outside the Gap to the south east of the Pound is this interesting rock "Arkaroo"


It looks like it once had Aboriginal paintings


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