"a galaxy of onion domes"
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Prince Dimitri (2), St Basils (1)
Dormition, Holy Spirit (St Sergius 1)
Christ the Saviour (1), Kesarikogo (1)
St Isaacs (St Petersburg)
- classic dome rather than onion
12 Apostles,  Annunciation (Kremlin 1)
Novodevichy (1), Transfiguration (5)
Saviour of the Blood (7)
Peterhof (near St Petersburg)
Smolni, Saviour of the Blood (7)
St Basils (Moscow)
Next to the Refectory (St Sergius 1), Bell Tower of Ivan the Great (Kremlin 1)
Spaso-Preoprazhenski, Epiphany (3)
Smolenskaya Bogomateri, (Uglich) Alexander Nevsky (Yaroslavl)
Poteshny (Kremlin 1), Catherine Pal. (7)
Transfiguration Cathedral (Uglich)

1 = Moscow, 2 = Uglich, 3 = Yaroslavl, 5 = Kizhi, 7 = St Petersburg

Initial photos are of churches in Yaroslavl - on the left the Church of St. Elijah the Prophet, and on the right the Church of the Epiphany.

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