San Gimignano, and in 1965:
Milan, Assisi, Norcia, Naples, Salerno, Genoa, San Terenzo, Pisa, Capri and Sorrento


Sforza Castle in Milan, a fortified palace built by the Viscontis and the Sforzas, Signori of Milan,
who held sway over Northern Italy between the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Milan Cathedral

Assisi - a village 200 km north of Rome in central Italy

The village of Assisi

Basilica of St. Francis

St. Peters

St. Chiara

Farm house, Assisi



Norcia - a village 150 km north of Rome

The Romanesque Monastery of San Benedetto with a statue of SB (St. Benedict)

San Gimignano

   The medieval village of San Gimignano - a UNESCO world heritage site (and below)




In front of the railway station are other modes of transport

Old area of Naples




Genoa, viewed from Pegli

Old street

Gate to the old city

View of the coastline by Genoa

San Terenzo (between Pisa and Genoa)



Pisa Cathedral, with its famous leaning Bell Tower
Above right: another leaning tower in Pisa

Capri and Sorrento

Houses and street in old Capri

The inevitable tourist horse and carriage, and a line up of sports cars

Sorrento on the mainland in the background, viewed from Capri


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