West Germany 1964

Remnants of the Black Forest (south west corner of Germany)

The town of Baden Baden on the edge of the Black Forest, famous for its natural springs

Feldburg Church, near Feldburg mountain, Black Forest

River Neckar, Heidelberg

Rhine River, Cologne


Michelstadt town hall, Hessen district - 1500 AD


Hamelin main street

River Weser, Hamelin

The so called Rat Catcher's House of Pied Piper fame in Hamelin

Kassel shopping mall

Munich Town Hall

St. Matthews church, Munich

Rococo Church, Weiskirch

Riemenschneider Altar, Herrgottskirche, Creglingen

Neuschwanstein Castle of Ludwig II
(King of Bavaria, 1864-86)

The "Fuggeri" in Augsburg,
a living area for needy people founded in 1519

Lake Constance - Unteruhldingen am Bodensee - reconstructed primitive lake dwellings (and below)

Map of Europe

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