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Cultural scenes, and Genocide Memorials

Election poster
Dance group at the Mountain Gorillas Lodge

Replica of the traditional style King's residence in Butare Province
Storage baskets beside the king's bed

Replica of the "Milk Hut", of 30 huts in the original king's household
Stage jars in the "Beer Hut"
Bridesmaids at a wedding

Genocide Memorial Museum - Kigali 
Entrance to the crypts where more than 300,000 victims are buried
The Rose Garden, remembering the nearly one million victims
Wooden sculptures representing life and genocide
Portions of stained glass windows representing "Descent into Genocide" (above), and "After the Genocide" (below)
Above and below: images taken from newsreels at the time of the Genocide
Just a few of the many child victims

Nyamata Church 
Just a small portion of the thousands of bones in the crypt of the Nyamata church where mass murders took place


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