The Sacred Valley of the Incas, between Cusco and Machu Picchu
Market days in Pisac and Chincheros (10-30 km from Cusco)


Pisac market - and below



Chincheros Market Day

The market is mostly for people in the district, but they cater for the tourists as well

One of the tourist stalls in the foreground




Demonstration Llama wool weaving processes in Chincheros

Rounding up the llamas

Preparing offerings for the llama


Sprinkling the offering on the llama

Shearing the llama

The wool on the left, the shorn llama in the foreground (plenty of wool is left on because of the cold weather)

The shorn llama is let go

Washing the wool

Laying the wool out to dry

Spinning the wool

Colouring the wool in the dye pots on the fires - and below

Preparing the warp for the backstrap loom - and below


Close up - preparing the warp

Weaving a shawl or manta on a backstrap loom

Weaving belts

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