Arequipa, in the Andes at 2,380 meters (7740 feet) - Peru's second largest city

Arriving at Arequipa airport, we see the appropriately named El Misti volcano (5,822 m),
one of 3 similar height mountains near Arequipa

We visit the older part of the city

Jesuit Church - JesusCompania -with ice cream vendor

Side entrance to a colonial house courtyard

Arequipa Cathedral



An interesting colonial door in a narrow side street

The difference between the have's ('white') and have not's (Indian) - see below



Apparently a more successful Indian family

Asleep on the job

Carpet weaving

Alpaca wool store

Mechanical wool washers

Typical Arequipa carpets

The Santa Catalina Convent - founded 1580


Nun's Laundry - and below


Nun's kitchen

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