Panama Canal
Atlantic to Pacific - Colon to Balboa/Panama City - on the motor yacht Wind Star

Panama map - showing canal  Wind Star Motor Yacht 
Panama Canal - Atlantic entrance
Entrance from the Atlantic Ocean to the Panama Canal at Colon.
Ahead is the new Atlantic Bridge under construction.
Atlantic Bridge under construction at Colon, Panama Canal 
"Atlantic Bridge" under construction at Colon, Panama.
The first bridge to be built across the canal on the Atlantic side (2 bridges exist on the Pacific side).
Gatun Locks, Panama Canal
Approaching the first locks from the Atlantic side.
These Gatun Locks are a set of 3 which raise the water level a total of 26 m, into the 24 km long artificial Gatun Lake
(formed by the damming of the Chagres River nearby).
Gatun Locks, Panama Canal
Gatun Locks, Panama Canal
Entering the first Gatun lock
On each side of the ship the "Mitsubishi Mules" keep the ship from touching the sides of the lock
Gatun Locks, Panama Canal
About to leave the first Gatun Lock after the water level has been raised about 8 metres
Leaving the Gatun Locks for the Gatun Lake
Leaving the last of the Gatun Locks for the Gatun Lake
Gatun Lake, Panama Canal
Gatun Lake, Panama Canal
There are many small islands in the lake, some of which we have explored
Gaillard Cut, Panama Canal - approaching the Centennial Bridge
Leaving the lake, and a short distance along the Chagres River where it enters the lake,
we sail the 8 km of the Culebra Cut, passing under the 2004 Centennial Bridge, towards the single Pedro Miguel Lock
Pedro Miguel Lock, Panama Canal
Pedro Miguel Lock, Panama Canal (the 2 Miraflores locks are ahead in the background)
Tourists at the Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal
In the foreground: we are on the ship Wind Star in the Miraflores locks. In the building background: tourists come for a day trip to watch action in the canal
Miraflores Lock, Panama Canal
Ahead of our ship are a different set of canal tourists passing through the final lock at Miraflores,
having descended 26 metres from the Gatun Lake
Bridge of the Americas, Panama Canal
The final canal landmark as we approach the Pacific Ocean is the 1962 Bridge of the Americas
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