The Sepic River, and villages alongside the lower reaches of the Sepic River
Mendam, Tanbanam, and Yentchen villages

Entering the mouth of the Sepic River from the Bismarck Sea

Our cruise boat

Morning mist on the Sepic


Investigating a side stream

Mendam Village

Our first village stop

The "Men's House"

Making an armband


Typical Sepic canoes - long and narrow dug-outs

Tanbanam Village

The Men's House - above right and below: decoration on the Men's House


Inside the Men's House - and below


A family house

Now you see the scale of the house above

Building a new Men's House

Making a basket

Collection of old and new Bilums (string bags)

Yentchen Village

The Men's House

A family house

Traditional items for tourists - masks, and copies of ceremonial effigies (below)

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