Villages around the Karawari River,  a tributary of the Sepic River
Ambon Wari, Binum, Kundimun and Simbud


The Men's House at Ambon Wari, where an initiation ceremony is about to take place

Close up of the facade of the Men's House

The men are gathering for the ceremony . . . .
. . . . in their full traditional regalia
Above right - the initiate is being led into the Men's House

The initiate waits uncertainly while the formalities take place . . . .

. . . . and while the women and children wait outside


Some are preparing the celebration meal

The scarring is performed, with a crocodile pattern being cut into the back of the initiate

Binum Village


Binum Church

Kundimun Village
     and a demonstration of the sago preparation process (sago being many villages staple diet in this area)

Chopping away the outer layer of the sago palm tree trunk to get at the sago pith inside

"See what a good job I have done!"

The sago pith is put in in a basket and water added

The basket containing the sago and water is pummelled, and the liquid squeezed out of the basket is collected
- the pith is thrown away

Final preparations - sago liquid is boiled then poured into a flat ceramic cooking pot to make a pancake

Simbud Village

In Simbud men make wooden items and carry out the weaving (below)

Making roof thatching

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