Living TRAVEL - CANADA November 2009

Province of Manitoba

For Polar Bears at Churchill click here


with St. Boniface Basilica & Manitoba Museum
followed by Churchill Town

View of Winnipeg across the Red River


Downtown shopping centre "Portage Mall"

World War I Memorial and Legislative Building

Memorial for Airmen in Training, World War II
Victorian/Edwardian architecture in the city
Examples of Winnipeg's formal mural program





Forks area park


Footbridge from the park to the French Quarter






"The Forks" - confluence of the Assiniboine River with the Red River


Oodena Celebration Circle Sculpture
The sculptures are embedded into cobblestone formations which are inscribed with pan-cultural legends in conjunction with the constellations.
The sculptures armatures act as guideposts for celestial positioning, some which display objects relating to the elements, the sun and the stars.




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