Living TRAVEL - Middle East 1965
Israel in 1965


Henry Moore statue in front of the National Library

Hebrew University

Mount Zion

Nazareth - 1965


Valley of Jezreel , and in the distance - Nazareth and Mount Tabor

Inside the Church of the Transfiguration at Mount Tabor

Sea of Galilee - 1965

View from the Mount of Beatitudes

Jordan valley and the Sea of Galilee

Cana of Galilee

Capernaum - 1965

Ancient Synagogue

Ancient millstone

Tel Aviv - 1965



Haifa - 1965

View from Mount Carmel


Negev Desert Area - 1965


Avdat Kibbutz

Nabatean ruins at Avdat

Ramon Crater - result of erosion (not a volcano or meteor strike) - and below


Solomon's Pillars - and below


View from Solomon's Pillars

Southern Negev - detail below


Approach to Sodom and the Dead Sea - and the two images below



An oasis and Kibbutz by the Dead Sea

Acco/Acre - 1965


Crusader Street

Map of Middle East