Living TRAVEL - LEBANON - 1965


St Georges Hotel - before it was destroyed in the main civil war

The Phoenicia Hotel - before it was destroyed in the civil war

Market in the Muslim Sector

Baalbek - Roman ruins

Temple of Bacchus - and below


Temple of Jupiter

From Wikipedia: Byblos (Βύβλος) is the Greek name of the Phoenician city Gebal (earlier Gubla). It is a Mediterranean city in the Mount Lebanon Governorate of present-day Lebanon under the current Arabic name of Jbeil (جبيل Ǧubayl) and was also referred to as Gibelet during the Crusades. It is believed to have been founded around 5000 BC, and according to fragments attributed to the semi-legendary pre-Trojan war Phoenician historian Sanchuniathon, it was the first city ever built, and even today is believed by many to be the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the world.

Lebanon - general

Salt production on the south west coast


Cedars of Lebanon

Map of Middle East