Photographs taken in the Cairo Museum of artefacts from the Luxor area
(Photographs taken before it became illegal to take such photos)

Treasures and accessories of ancient Egypt are a true sight to behold. Walk the many rooms of the Museum,
forget about your watches or cell phones, and let yourself lose track of time.
Experience the rich history and culture, something you will never forget.

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Golden face mask of Tutankhamen Falcon collar with gold
and faience beads
Pectoral with the protective
Wedjet eye
Chairs/thrones from the tomb of Tutankhamen Tutankhamen diadem with vulture and cobra
Memorial stone (stele) of Akhenaton Winged scarab pectoral Earrings from the tomb of Tutankhamen Ornamented wig of 

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From Tutankhamen's tomb

Sphinx from the New Kingdom, 1200 BC

Grave Stele from the Middle Kingdom, 2000 BC

The first Pharaoh, Zoser, who built the stepped pyramid

Priest Prince and Wife, Old Kingdom 2700 BC

Map of Middle East