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Australian Defence Force Air Show - Adelaide 2007

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Agusta A109 - new helicopter for the navy - general use, including advanced training after the Squirrel
ARH Tiger - new armed reconnaissance helicopter for the army
Black Hawk - multi role operational helicopter
Squirrel - navy training helicopter
Canberra - RAAF light bomber of the 1950's (I created an altitude record in one powered by Olympus in 1956)
DHC4 Caribou - tactical transport for the Australian defence forces since 1970
Catalina - second world war flying boat used by the RAAF
Super Constellation - the ultimate piston engined commercial airliner used by Qantas
Fokker Friendship F27 - used by Australian domestic airlines in the 1960's - this one still used for Navy survey
F111 - images of the static display
FA18 Hornet - RAAF multi-role fighter designed for both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions
Gliders - aerial display
C-17 Globemaster - extra heavy strategic lifting aircraft recently acquired by the RAAF
C130 Hercules - medium to long range transport
Hudson - world war 2 light bomber
Meteor 8  - 1950's fighter flown by me in 616 Squadron - Meteor 1 was the only allied jet used in the 2nd world war
Mirage111D - used in RAAF research and development
Mustang - one of the most successful allied fighters of the second world war
Neptune - RAAF antisubmarine reconnaissance aircraft of the 1960's and 70's
AP-3C Orion - maritime patrol and antisubmarine


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