Living TRAVEL - JAPAN 1986
Traditional Paper Making - featuring the village of Kurotani


Kozo (Mulberry) stems with the leaves stripped off

Running through the village is the stream where the Kozo is soaked and stamped and dried





The Kozo is then boiled here -

- then macerated here -

- then the cellulose from the fibres and water are blended here in the Hollander Beater to form the paper pulp

Paper sheet is formed by moving the mould and decal equipment rhythmically in the vat of paper pulp

Lifting the decal containing the formed paper sheet

Laying the new sheet on to the pile of finished sheets

The stack of sheets are now compressed in a press to expel excess water

Finally each paper sheet is placed on a board to dry outside

Historic paper making equipment

Mallets for macerating the fibre on the stone block


Early Hollander beater

Cellulose tank with Mould and Decals and Press Board

Stack of paper sheets being pressed
map of Japan

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