Living TRAVEL - JAPAN 1986


City view

Theatre patrons
Hiroshima castle

Hiroshima Peace Park - commemorating the dropping of the atomic bomb, 1945

Cenotaph for atom bomb victims - the Pond and the Flame of Peace, and the Dome, are visible through the Cenotaph

The Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Exhibition Hall constructed in 1915 was the epicentre of the explosion
- it is called the A-bomb Dome




The Peace Flame with the Peace Museum in the background

Monument of the Hiroshima District Lumber Control Corporation - "Rest in Peace"

Memorial Tower to the Mobilised Students

Children's Peace Monument

There are thirty other monuments in the park dedicated to different people affected by the Atom Bomb explosion

Paper cranes of peace

The word "PEACE" on a banner made of hundreds of paper cranes

map of Japan

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