Soweto - "South Western Township" of Johannesburg


Former hostel accommodation in front, now squatters housing; new social housing behind

Old social housing - "matchbox houses"

Matchbox houses

Matchbox house converted into a shop

New social housing
New social housing, with old goldmine slagheap behind (and below)


Squatters district, and below




Below are interior views of this house






Soweto Hospital is the biggest hospital in Africa

Upper middle class district of Soweto




Vilakazi Street houses

Nelson Mandela's house being turned into a museum

Another house in Vilakazi Street identical to Nelson Mandela's house

The side of Bishop Tutu's house

A contemporary house being built in Vilakazi Street

Memorial and Museum honouring the students who gave their lives in the struggle against apartheid





Primary School

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Township Photographs by Dr. Karen Higginbottom

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