In the Namib Desert heading west towards the coast at Cape Cross,
- Cape Point, Walvis Bay, Sesriem Gorge, Fish River Canyon


The daily mist rolls in threateningly from the sea, dropping the temperature by 20 degrees C,
and providing moisture to the desert for up to 100 km inland

Large Cape Fur Seal Colony at Cape Point


Wave after wave of Cormorant fly past at Cape Point

Greater Flamingos at Walvis Bay




The Lesser Flamingo - on the road out of Walvis Bay



Sesriem Gorge
(It was near Sesriem that the photos of the sand hills were taken)


Views - between Walvis Bay and Fish River River Canyon



The Fish River Canyon


Quiver Trees

Ai-ais Hot Springs by the Fish River
(click the picture to see what happened at Ai-ais)

Sunset at Fish River Canyon

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